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Structural Steelwork

Structural Steelwork

Structural Steelwork is a much used and desirable material in modern day construction. Structural Steel represents low cost, strength and durability and has almost limitless bounds in the creation of some the worlds most sophisticated and complex structures, demonstrating its adaptability to shape and form the most ornate buildings. As a recyclable material, steelwork remains "The Choice" material for building construction.

Structural Steelwork components have always provided significant strength to buildings, but the tremendous advancement in technology in the steelwork fabrication business has allowed Architects and Engineers to add beauty and dynamic shape to buildings too. Some of the complex shapes and structures formed in steelwork are often difficult to create in other materials such as concrete. Steelworks ductile qualities, allow it to flex under loading as opposed to crushing or crumbling.

Structural Steelwork is very much environmentally friendly and a significant percentage of all steelwork is recycled. Steelwork structures have a low carbon footprint, tend to be much lighter than concrete frames and consistently prove to be overall cost effective when compared with other building materials.

Structural Steelwork is re-usable, environmentally efficient and as such will continue to be the primary choice building material for structures around the World for many years to come.